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NIU Scooter Price in Nepal Electric 2023, Features [NEW]

NIU Scooters are one of the best, most famous, and widely used electric scooters in Nepal. This post will provide you with all the NIU Scooter Price in Nepal. And also you will get detailed information about the specifications, features, colors, etc of NIU scooters in Nepal.

Nowadays people are interested in electric vehicles like electric cars, electric bikes, and electric scooters. NIU scooters are eco-friendly and they come in good design also. It provides a premium feel to the rider.

The Eco Infinity Pvt. Ltd is the authorized distributor of NIU scooters in Nepal. They provide different models of NIU scooters. NIU scooters have a very comfortable seat and they are lightweight too.

About NIU Technologies

NIU (NIU Technologies) is the world’s leading and famous smart urban mobility provider company. It was founded in 2014. NIU manufactures eco-friendly smart urban mobility vehicles to improve urban mobility and daily life.

It is currently manufacturing and selling high-performing advanced electric scooters. NIO currently has seven series products. They are NQi, MQi, UQi, NIU Aero, Gova, RQi, and TQi, with multiple models, features and specifications.

The two MQi models and UQi models have won all seven major international design awards in the past 20 years. It includes Red Dot and IF in Germany, IDEA in the United States, and G Mark in Japan.

NIU Scooter Price in Nepal

In this paragraph, I will provide you with a list of every NIU electric scooter price in Nepal. The highest NIU scooter price in Nepal is Rs. 4,45,000 for NIU NQI GT/S. And the lowest NIU Scooter price in Nepal is Rs. 1,45,000 for NIU UQim. NIU NQi GT is the most expensive NIU electric scooter available in Nepal.

NIU Scooter Price in Nepal

NIU scooters have premium designs and come in attractive colors. The NIU scooters have powerful motors and long-lasting battery life. NIU scooters are easy and very comfortable to ride. It comes with a Lithium-Ion Battery that operates this vehicle.

You can get many advanced technologies and features in NIU scooters. I will provide details about the features and specifications of the scooters in another paragraph. Please read all the NIU scooter price in Nepal below and select the best for you.

Visit: NIU NepalNIU Nepal Facebook

NIU Nepal Showroom (Kathmandu): 9801230006

The NIU Scooter Price in Nepal 2023 is given below:

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Note: The above price list of NIU Electric Scooters in Nepal is subject to change. All these NIU Scooter price in Nepal is for reference purposes only. You can contact the showroom or official website for its availability and the latest updated NIU Scooter price in Nepal. I have included the official website and contact address of NIU Nepal above so that you can contact them quickly.

NIU NQI GTS is the best-performing smart electric scooter with advanced technology and features. While talking about the NIU scooter price in Nepal 2023, NIU NQI GT/S is the most expensive electric scooter among others. You can achieve 80 Km/h top speed in the city with the NQI GTS. It has a very powerful new 60V, 3000W motor. Similarly talking about the battery, it has the improved 4th Gen Dual Lithium-Ion Battery.

NQI GTS provides a 95-120km range. This is a very comfortable electric scooter. It has a large 14″ Wheel and 180cm Ground Clearance. While talking about the design, it comes with a classic design with a new display face. Being a smart scooter it has Smart APP Connectivity with an Anti-theft Measures feature.

The NIU App has Real-time intelligence which can provide information like Ride History, GPS Location, Power Supply, diagnostics, etc. NQI GTS is available in three styles. They are White/Red, Black/White, and Black/Red.

NIU NQI GT/S Features

NIU NQI GT/S Features are given below:

  • Smart Dashboard
  • Smart App
  • CBS Braking
  • USB Charger Port
  • User-friendly Controls
  • Iconic Lightning
  • LED Halo Headlight
  • Retractable Footrests
  • Vehicle Locator
  • Dynamics Footrests
  • Auto-Off Indicators
  • EBS Energy Recovery System
  • Passenger Handles
  • Multi-Mode Riding
  • GPS Anti-Theft
  • Fast Charging Kit (Charging Dual Battery at the same time).


NIU NQI GT/S Specifications are given below:

MotorPowerful new 60V, 3000W motor
Top speed80km/h
BatteryDual Lithium-Ion Battery
Ground Clearance180cm
BrakingCombi Braking System
Rated Power3,000W
Conversion Efficiency89%
Climbing Grade32%
Battery Pack Weight12kg × 2
Front Brake200mm CBS
Rear Brake180mm CBS
Front Tire90/90-14
Rear Tire110/80-14
Seating Capacity2
Vehicle Weight inc. Batteries114kg
Length (including front and rear fenders)1890mm
Wheel Base1325mm
Seat Height815mm
Seat Length600mm

NIU MQi GT is also one of the best-performing electric scooters from NIU. This product comes with better safety features included. It has 4th Gen Lithium Battery Technology, which is long-lasting and powers the scooter.

The NIU MQI GT can achieve a top speed of 70km/h and it provides a range of 70-80km Range. It is a 2 seater electric scooter. Similarly talking about the wheels, it comes with 14″ Urban Wheels.

With good wheels and proper riding posture, this is really a comfortable electric scooter. With the help of a 3000W Bosch Motor, it is a powerful machine.

There are Anti-theft Alerts as a security feature in this scooter. And there is a 24/7 Connected NIU App. NIU MQI GT is an attractive smart electric scooter available in the market.

The NIU MQI GT price in Nepal is Rs. 4 lakhs 75 thousand.

NIU MQi GT Features

NIU MQi GT Features are given below:

  • Comfortable Seating for 2
  • 269Kg Load Capacity
  • Backrest (Optional)
  • Passenger Handles
  • Passenger Footrests
  • Cargo Rack (Optional)
  • Niu App
  • Real-time location of your scooter
  • Alerts are sent directly to your phone
  • Dual 4th Gen NIU Lithium Battery
  • 3000W Bosch Motor
  • Front and rear Dual Disc Brakes
  • Wrap-around Steel Bumpers
  • Iconic halo light
  • 3 Riding Modes (E-Save, Dynamic, Sport)
  • Electronic Braking System (EBS)

NIU MQI GT Specifications

NIU MQI GT Specifications are given below:

Top Speed45 – 70 kmph
Range80 km – 110 km
Charge Time4 – 6 hours
Fast ChargingYes
Battery Cell Type18650 Lithium Ion
Charging Current9A (Single) / 16A (Dual)
Rated Power3000W
Front Brake220mm Hydraulic Disc
Rear Brake180mm Hydraulic DIsc
Front Tire90/90-14
Rear Tire110/80-14
Seating Capacity2
Vehicle Weight inc. Batteries115kg
LED HeadlightYes
LED Braking LightYes
LED Tail LightYes
LCD DashboardYes
Wheel Base1389mm
Seat Height816mm
Min. Ground Clearance180mm

The NIU GOVA G5 is also a great product from NIU. NIU GOVA G5 comes with a powerful 3900-watt bosch motor. This electric scooter can produce a peak power of 3900 watts. At peak power, it can achieve a top speed of 80 km/hr. The 4th Generation Niu Energy Lithium Battery powers this electric scooter.

The battery life is really good of this scooter. It has a 14-inch wheel, which provides better grip and handling for the rider. The NIU GOVA G5 has a Combined Braking System (CBS) which increases the safety of the rider.

The NIU GOVA G5 is made for 2 seaters. NIU GOVA G5 body and design are comfortable for both rider and pillion. There are three NIU GOVA G5 colors available for us. The colors are Gova_black, Gova_red, and White_gova.


NIU GOVA G5 Features are given below:

  • Smart Dashboard
  • Anti Theft USB Charger
  • Halo Headlight
  • Multi-Mode Riding
  • Combined Braking System (CBS)
  • LED Lighting System
  • Cruise Control
  • Niu App
  • Comfortable Seating for 2
  • Under-Seat Storage
  • Powerful 3900-watt motor
  • Lithium Battery
  • Tubeless Tyres

NIU GOVA G5 Specifications

NIU GOVA G5 Specifications are given below:

Peak Power3900W
Battery TypeLithium Battery
Range80km – 100km
Top Speed80 kmph
Charging Time6 hours – 7 hours
TyresTubeless Tyres
Braking SystemCombined Braking System (CBS)
Ground Clearance140mm
Seating Capacity2
ColorsGova_black, Gova_red, White_gova

NIU NQI Sport comes with a 1800W continuous power bosch motor. The NIU NQI Sport is available in two variants. They are NIU NQI Sport (Glossy) and NIU NQI Sport (Matte). There are many features in NIU NQI Sport.

You will get a 2100Wh removable battery that powers this electric scooter. It comes with a removable 11-kilogram battery and it has 11 different battery safeguards. And it has a 18650 Top Lithium-ion battery cell.

It has a 24/7 connected NIU App and anti-theft alerts for security purposes. And also has a standard OTA update in the NIU cloud.

The EBS Regenerative Braking system provides you with better braking and provides more security. It has an LED Halo Headlamp and it’s an energy-efficient CCFL lamp design. The Vehicle Locator feature helps to find your scooter instantly.

The NIU NQI Sport (Glossy) price in Nepal is Rs. 3 lakhs 48 thousand NIU NQI Sport (Matte) is Rs. 3 lakhs 53 thousand.

NIU NQI Sport Features

NIU NQI Sport Features are given below:

  • 1800W bosch motor
  • EBS Regenerative Braking
  • Auto-Off Indicators
  • Vehicle Locator
  • LED Halo Headlamp
  • Standard OTA Updates
  • 24/7 connected NIU App
  • Anti-theft alerts
  • Instant Acceleration
  • Removable 11 Kilogram Battery
  • 18650 Top Lithium-ion Battery Cell
  • 11 Different Battery Safeguards
  • Adjustable Driving Modes (Sport, Dynamic, E-Save)
  • Urban Suspension
  • Cruise Control
  • Retractable Passenger Footrests
  • LCD Digital Dashboard
  • Ergonomic Riding Design
  • USB Charging Port

NIU NQI Sport Specifications

NIU NQI Sport Specifications are given below:

Top Speed45km/h
Range50km – 70km
App Connected3 years
Motor Power1800W
Charging Time7hr – 9hr
Battery Weight11kg
Fast ChargingNo
Battery Cell Type18650 Lithium Ion
Rated Power1500W
Front Brake220mm Hydraulic Disc
Rear Brake180mm Hydraulic Disc
Front Tire90/90-12
Rear Tire120/70-12
Seating Capacity2
Vehicle Weight inc batteries99kg
Wheel Base1280mm
Seat Height760mm
Seat Length600mm
Min. Ground Clearance130mm

NIU GOVA G3 is an eco-friendly scooter that makes riding an electric scooter fun and fresh. It comes with a powerful 2000W motor. The NIU GOVA G3 accelerates smoothly and gracefully. It can produce 2000W peak power and can achieve a top speed of 60km/h.

The FOC vector controller feature provides you with smooth acceleration when you hit the throttle. NIU GOVA G3 provides you 70km long range due to the extra large electric capacity. It has a high-quality 18650 lithium-ion battery cell, which provides stable power to this electric scooter.

The Electronic Braking System (EBS) feature of NIU GOVA G3 provides more security and also converts the braking energy to battery power.

The NIU GOVA G5 price in Nepal is Rs. 2 lakhs 77 thousand.

NIU GOVA G3 Features

NIU GOVA G3 Features are given below:

  • 2000W peak power
  • 2000W motor
  • 60 Kmph top speed
  • 60km – 70 km range
  • FOC vector controller
  • Accelerate Smoothly And Gracefully
  • High-quality 18650 lithium-ion battery cell
  • Electronic Braking System (EBS)
  • 11 different battery safeguards
  • Cruise control
  • Dual riding modes (Energy-saving T-tour mode + Dynamic S-sport mode)
  • LCD dashboard
  • Front hydraulic damping and rear spring-air damping Suspension
  • The golden triangle body design
  • USB Port
  • Front Bag Hook
  • Saddle Box
  • Front Box
  • High-quality carbon structural steel

NIU GOVA G3 Specifications

NIU GOVA G3 Specifications are given below:

Peak Power2000W
Top Speed60 Kmph
Battery TypeLithium-Ion
Charging Time5 hours
TyresTubeless Tyres
Braking SystemElectronic Braking System (EBS)
Seat Height745 mm
Ground Clearance110 mm
SuspensionFront hydraulic damping and rear spring-air damping
Battery18650 lithium-ion battery cell
Riding ModesEnergy-saving T-tour mode + Dynamic S-sport mode
Cruise controlYes
ColorsRed, White, and Grey

NIU MQi+ Sport is one of the attractive electric scooters that comes with advanced features. It uses 4th. Gen. Lithium, battery technology to power this electric scooter. It can cover 45km/h at top speed and can achieve a 65km range.

Similarly taking the design, it has an attractively sleek and stylish design with an integrated dashboard. For security, you will get an anti-theft protection feature in it.

For safety purposes, it has a 360° Lighting System installed in it. This is a two-seater electric scooter with a modern design and smart features. NIU MQI+ Sport is easy and comfortable to ride. The vehicle locator feature in NIU MQI+ Sport makes it easier to locate your vehicle instantly.

There are features like an all-steel chassis, Titanium-Aluminum alloy swing-Arm, ABS plastic paneling, front and rear hydraulic shocks etc. It provides the best riding experience. NIU APP works as a smart scooter manager for you. The EBS (Electronic Braking System) Energy Recovery System helps to recycle up to 6% of the energy generated after breaking back into the battery energy.

The NIU MQI+ Sport price in Nepal is Rs. 2 lakhs 76 thousand.

NIU MQI+ Sport Features

NIU MQI+ Sport Features are given below:

  • 45km/h top speed
  • Sleek and Stylish design
  • Anti Theft protection
  • 360° Lighting System
  • Vehicle Locator
  • Steel Chasis
  • Titanium-Aluminum alloy swing-Arm
  • ABS plastic paneling
  • Front and rear hydraulic shocks
  • EBS (Electronic Braking System)
  • 4th. Gen. Lithium, battery technology
  • Vehicle Topple Alert
  • Battery Removal Reminder
  • Vehicle Vibration Alarm
  • Real-Time Data
  • Hazard Warning Lights
  • Auto Off indicators
  • Daytime running lights

NIU MQI+ Sport Specifications

NIU MQI+ Sport Specifications are given below:

Top Speed45km/h
Range55km – 65km
Charge Time7 Hours – 9 Hours
Battery Weight11kg
ControllerFOC Vector Control
Battery Cell Type18650 Lithium Ion
Charging Current5.2A
Front Brake180mm Hydraulic Disc
Rear Brake180mm Hydraulic Disc
Front Tire90/90-10
Rear Tire90/90-10
Seating Capacity2
Vehicle Weight inc. Batteries72kg
Wheel Base1241mm
Seat Height750mm
Seat Length560mm
Min. Ground Clearance126mm

NIU UQi GT is one of the lightweight and most comfortable electric scooters. It comes with world-class 4th Generation NIU Energy lithium Battery Technology which powers this scooter. It has 18650 Lithium Battery cells.

Similarly talking about the performance, it provides a 40km – 60km range and can achieve up to 45km/h top speed.

It has 14″ Wheels and it comes with a sleek and nimble design. NIU UQI GT has lots of advanced features in it. For safety and security, you will get 360° Lighting and anti-theft protection. This is a lightweight powerful electric scooter. It also supports OTA wireless upgrade feature.

The NIU App provides a better riding experience and makes riding fun and easy. This electric scooter has powerful security features. The Robust anti-theft safeguards protect from theft and GPS helps to locate the vehicle in real-time with satellite positioning.

You will get a CBS braking system, which provides better braking and increases protection. It is really smooth to handle and provides comfort while riding. Its bright iconic lighting provides clear vision while riding at night time.

The NIU UQI Sport price in Nepal is Rs. 2 lakhs 76 thousand.

NIU UQI GT Features

NIU UQI GT Features are given below:

  • Longer Range (40km-60km)
  • 18650 Lithium Battery
  • Enhanced Dynamic Performance
  • Light Wight
  • ECU controller
  • Dual CPU Performance
  • OTA wireless upgrade
  • NIU App Connected
  • Robust Anti-Theft Safeguards
  • Real-Time Vehicle location
  • Smart Alert System
  • Multiple Remote Controls
  • Powerful NIU Self-Adaptive Motor
  • FOC Vector Controller
  • CBS braking system
  • EBS Energy Recovery System
  • Smooth Handling + Comfort
  • Bright Iconic Lighting
  • Daytime Running Lights
  • Double Flash Warning Light
  • Auto-Off Indicators
  • 270 ° semi-surrounding tail light

NIU UQI GT Specifications

NIU UQI GT Specifications are given below:

Top Speed45km/h
Range40km – 60km
Charge Time7 hours to 9 hours
Battery Pack Weight11kg
Fast ChargingNo
Battery Cell Type18650 Lithium Ion
Rated Power1200W
Front BrakeCombined Braking System(CBS)
Rear BrakeCombined Braking System(CBS)
Front Tire90/90-14
Rear Tire100/80-14
Seating Capacity2
Vehicle Weight inc. Batteries75kg
Wheel Base1300mm
Seat Height840mm
Seat Length380mm
Min. Ground Clearance180mm

NIU UQim is one of the lightweight, comfortable and attractive electric scooters available in Nepal. While talking about the NIU scooter price in Nepal, the NIU UQim is the most affordable electric scooter among others. It comes with a powerful Bosc Motor which provides a top speed of 38 Km/h. You can get up to 40Km range with this electric scooter. It comes with lots of advanced features installed.

You will get an Electronic Braking System (EBS) and a Regenerative Braking System in this electric scooter. The EBS helps to convert the kinetic energy produced during braking into the battery and it extends the range to 6%.

The New Six-Axis motion sensor is added to this scooter. This helps in the protection of your scooter. It detects all kinds of movements in your scooter and provides notifications on your phone.

NIU UQim takes 5 hours to be charged fully. For more safety, NIU UQim comes with a disc brake on both front and rear. The ground clearance of NIU UQim is 160mm and Wheelbase is 1150mm. While looking at the NIU scooter price in Nepal NIU UQim is the most affordable among others.

NIU UQim Features

NIU UQim Features are given below:

  • Electronic Braking System (EBS)
  • Bosch Motor
  • OTA Update
  • Field Oriented Control (FOC)
  • Cloud ECU
  • New Six-Axis Motion Sensor
  • Battery Management System (BMS)
  • Keyless Ignition
  • All New “Naked” Frame
  • Daytime Running Lights
  • NIU Motor Lock
  • Direct Charge / Battery Charge
  • FOC Vector Controller
  • Front disc brake, rear disk brake
  • Full LCD Dashboard
  • 2 riding modes
  • 360 Degree Lighting System

NIU UQim Specifications

NIU UQim Specifications are given below:

Ground Clearance160mm
Cell TypePanasonic
Charging Time5 hours
Charging MethodDirect Charge / Battery Charge
Battery Weight5.2kg
Range30km – 40km
Motor BrandNIU joint research and development
ControllerFOC Vector Controller
BrakeFront disc brake, Rear disk brake
Front ShockSleeve oil damping
Rear ShockSleeve oil damping
Headlight Seeing Distance30m
Full Scooter Lighting Feature360 Degree Lighting System
Mode Selection2 modes
OTA UpdateYes
Real-time Battery and MileageYes
Front Turn IndicatorYes
Tail Turn IndicatorYes


Finally, we are at the end of this post “NIU Scooter Price in Nepal“. I hope all of you are able to find the latest price list of NIU electric scooter price in Nepal 2023. The NIU electric scooter comes with advanced features, an attractive body design, and eye-catching colors.

I have provided prices of almost every NIU scooter price in Nepal. But if I missed any of them then please comment down below.

I have provided the contact address of NIU Nepal above. If you have any questions related to NIU electric scooter then contact NIU Nepal or you can contact us directly.

Thank you so much for visiting

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the most expensive NIU scooter price in Nepal?

The NIU NQi GT/S is the most expensive NIU Scooter in Nepal.

Which is the lowest cost of NIU scooter price in Nepal?

The NIU UQim is the lowest cost and most affordable NIU Scooter in Nepal.

Where is the NIU scooter showroom in Nepal?

NIU scooter showroom is in Hiti Sadan, Durbar Marg, Kathmandu 44600.

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