All Mobile Price in Nepal 2024 – [UPDATED]

Are you planning to buy a new smartphone? Are you searching for a perfect smartphone under your budget line that embodies every premium feature? Are you tired of searching for the official “Mobile Price in Nepal”? Then, you are at the right place at the right time. Hold on. is here to solve your problems.

Today, the mobile market share has been expanding more than ever. Every mobile brand is competitively working to bring out the best in every model that includes every premium feature. With every new release of smartphones, they bring out new features under every budget range. So, the share of people using smartphones has soared more than ever. But people find a problem of not getting the official market price of smartphones which makes them less precise in deciding which one to buy. So here in this article, we will be providing you with every official Mobile Price in Nepal 2023. So read till the end.

Benco is a mobile along with accessories brand under INONE Technology. The products are of high quality, user-friendly, and mostly focused mainly for the young generations. Benco has a motto and advocates for ” Life is to be enjoyed not endured”

Benco MobilesPrice in Nepal
Iris 61Rs. 5,999 (1GB/32GB)
Benco Y11Rs, 6,999 (1GB/32GB)
Benco V60Rs. 10,349 (2GB/32GB)
Rs. 10,849 (3GB/32GB)
Benco V62Rs. 10,499 (2GB/32GB)
Benco V70Rs. 9,999 (2GB/32GB)
Rs. 10,399 (2GB/64GB)
Benco V80Rs. 9,639 (3GB/32GB)
Rs. 13,599 (4GB/64GB)
Benco V82Rs. 11,999 (4GB/64GB)
Benco V90Rs. 12,599 (4GB/64GB)
Rs. 12,999 (4GB/128GB)
Benco S1Rs. 14,999 (6GB/128GB)
Rs. 15,999 (8GB/128GB)
Rs. 19,999 (8GB/256GB)

Itel is a China-based mobile manufacturer company situated in  Shenzen, China. It was founded by Lei Weiguo and Shenzen Transsion Holdings Co Limited in 2014. Besides mobile phones, it sells television sets and laptops. Successfully, it has diversified its market in parts of Africa, Southeast Asia, South Asia, Latin Europe and Latin America.

Itel MobilesPrice in Nepal
A17Rs. 6,990 (1GB/16GB)
A27Rs. 9,990 (1GB/16GB)
A48Rs. 10,490 (2GB/32GB)
A49Rs. 11,300 (2GB/32GB)
Vision 1 ProRs. 10,990 (2GB/32GB)
Vision 2Rs. 13,890 (3GB/64GB)
Vision 3Rs. 12,400 (2GB/32GB)
Rs. 13,990 (3GB/64GB)
Rs. 15,400 (4GB/64GB)

Honor is a smartphone manufacturer company founded in 2013. It is a state-owned enterprise controlled by the municipal government of Shenzen. It was founded as a sub-brand of Huawei. It was then sold to Shenzen Zhixin New Information Technology Company Limited in 2020. Besides smartphones, it develops tablets and some wearables.

Honor MobilesPrice in Nepal
Honor X5Rs. 11,990 (2GB/32GB)
Honor X5 PlusRs. 15,490 (4GB/64GB)
Honor X6Rs. 18,490 (4GB/64GB)
Honor X6aRs. 17,490 (4GB/128GB)
Honor X7Rs. 24,990 (4GB/128GB)
Honor X7aRs. 22,990 (6GB/128GB)
Honor X8Rs. 29,990 (6GB/128GB)
Honor X8aRs. 30,490 (8GB/128GB)
Honor 90 LiteRs. 31,990 (8GB/256GB)
Honor X9Rs. 38,490 (8GB/128GB)
Honor X9aRs. 45,990 (8GB/256GB)
Honor 90Rs. 58,990 (12GB/256GB)
Honor Magic 5 ProRs. 164,990 (12GB/512GB)


Apple Inc. is an America-based multinational company situated in Cupertino, California. By revenue, it is the largest manufacturing company and largest in terms of market capitalization. It was founded by Steve Jobs, Ronald Wayne and Steve Wozniak on April 1, 1976. It was the first trillion publicly traded US company.

iPhone MobilesPrice in Nepal
iPhone 11Rs. 89,990 (128GB)
iPhone 12Rs. 106,990 (128GB)
iPhone 13Rs. 119,990 (128GB)
iPhone 14Rs. 138,990 (128GB)
Rs. 157,990 (256GB)
iPhone 14 PlusRs. 157,990 (128GB)
Rs. 176,990 (256GB)
iPhone 14 Pro
Rs. 172,990 (128GB)
Rs. 191,990 (256GB)
Rs. 228,990 (512GB)
Rs. 266,990 (1TB)
iPhone 14 Pro MaxRs. 191,990 (128GB)
Rs. 210,990 (256GB)
Rs. 247,990 (512GB)
Rs.  285,990 (1TB)
iPhone 15Rs. 157,499 (128GB)
Rs. 176,499 (256GB)
Rs. 214,499  (512GB)
iPhone 15 PlusRs. 176,499 (128GB)
Rs. 195,499 (256GB)
Rs. 233,499 (512GB)
iPhone 15 ProRs. 214,499 (256GB)
Rs. 253,499 (512GB)
Rs. 290,499 (1TB)

iPhone 15 Pro Max
Rs. 233,499 (256GB)
Rs. 271,499 (512GB)
Rs. 309,499 (1TB)


Infinix is an Honkong-based smartphone company founded in 2013. It was founded by Transsion Holdings. The company has diversified its manufacturing in different countries like Bangladesh, India, France, Indonesia, South Korea, Russia, Egypt and Russia. Infinix smartphones are now available in Asia, Africa, the USA and about 30 countries in the Middle East.

Infinix  MobilesPrice in Nepal
Infinix Smart 7 HDRs. 11,799 (2GB/64GB)
Infinix Smart 6 HD
Rs. 11,999 (2GB/32GB)
Infinix Smart 6
Rs. 12,999 (2GB/32GB)
Rs. 14,999 (3GB/64GB)
Infinix Smart 7 Plus
Rs. 12,999 (4GB/64GB)
Infinix Hot 20iRs. 14,499 (4GB/64GB)
Rs. 15,999 (4GB/128GB)
Infinix Hot 30iRs. 14,499 (4GB/64GB)
Rs. 16,999 (8GB/128GB)
Infinix Hot 12iRs. 15,599 (4GB/64GB)
Infinix Hot 12 Play
Rs. 16,699 (4GB/64GB)
Rs. 18,299 (4GB/128GB)
Infinix Hot 12
Rs. 21,999 (6GB/128GB)
Infinix Hot 20Rs. 16,999 (6GB/128GB)
Infinix Hot 12 ProRs. 19,899 (6GB/64GB)
Infinix Note 12Rs. 25,999 (6GB/128GB)
Infinix Note 30Rs. 23,999 (8GB/256GB)


Motorola.Inc is an America-based telecommunication company founded in 1928 as Galvin Manufacturing Corporation with the collaboration of two brothers Paul and Joseph Galvin. It is situated in Schaumburg, Illinois. Later, the company changed its name to Motorola in 1947.

Motorola  MobilesPrice in Nepal
Moto E13Rs. 11,999 (2GB/64GB)
Moto E7 PlusRs. 16,590 (4GB/64GB)
Moto E7 PowerRs. 15,990 (4GB/64GB)
Moto E40Rs. 19,999 (4GB/64GB)
Moto G9 PlayRs. 19,990 (4GB/128GB)
Moto G22Rs. 22,499 (4GB/128GB)
Moto G31Rs. 23,999 (4GB/128GB)


Micromax is India India-based manufacturer of home appliances and electronics. It is situated in Gurugram. In the beginning, it was founded as an IT software company. Later in 2008, it entered the mobile phones avenue and became one of the largest affordable and low-cost mobile phone manufacturers in India.

Micromax  MobilesPrice in Nepal
Micromax In Note 1 Rs. 19,990 (4GB/64GB)
Rs. 21,490 (4GB/128GB)
Micromax In Note 2bRs. 16,190 (4GB/64GB)


Nokia is a multinational telecommunications, consumer electronics and IT Finnish company. It is situated in Espoo, Finland and was founded in 1865.

Nokia  MobilesPrice in Nepal
Nokia C1 2nd EditionRs. 6,999 (1GB/16GB)
Nokia C20Rs. 10,999 (2GB/32GB)
Nokia C21 Plus
Rs. 16,499 (3GB/64GB)
Nokia C30Rs. 12,999 (2GB/32GB)
Nokia G10Rs. 16,999 (4GB/64GB)
Nokia G11 PlusRs. 19,499 (3GB/64GB)
Nokia G20Rs. 19,899 (4GB/64GB)
Nokia G21Rs. 22,999 (6GB/128GB)


Samsung is a South Korea-based multinational company situated in Samsung Digital City, Suwon, South Korea. It was established in 1938 as a trading company by Lee Byung-Chul. After almost three decades, the company diversified its areas into textiles, securities, insurance, food processing and retail. It has notable industrial affiliates like information technology, Samsung Electronics, chipmakers and consumer electronics makers.

Samsung  MobilesPrice in Nepal
Galaxy A04eRs. 13,499 (3GB/32GB)
Galaxy A03sRs. 15,999 (3GB/32GB)
Rs. 17,499 (4GB/64GB)
Galaxy A04Rs. 14,999 (3GB/32GB)
Rs. 16,999 (4GB/64GB)
Galaxy M04Rs. 15,999 (4GB/64GB)
Rs. 17,999  (4GB/128GB)
Galaxy A04sRs. 19,999 (4GB/64GB)
Rs. 21,999 (4GB/128GB)
Galaxy A14 4GRs. 20,999 (4GB/64GB)
Galaxy F13Rs. 23,999 (4GB/128GB)
Galaxy A13Rs. 21,499 (4GB/64GB)
Rs. 25,499 (6GB/128GB)
Galaxy M14 5GRs. 24,999  (6GB/128GB)
Galaxy A14 5GRs. 27,999  (6GB/128GB)
Rs. 29,999  (8GB/128GB)
Galaxy A23Rs. 23,999 (4GB/64GB)
Rs. 27,999 (6GB/128GB)
Galaxy A24Rs. 28,999 (6GB/128GB)
Rs. 31,999 (8GB/128GB)
Galaxy M33 5GRs. 33,999 (6GB/128GB)
Rs. 35,999 (8GB/128GB)
Galaxy A33 5GRs. 42,999 (8GB/128GB)
Galaxy A34 5GRs. 45,999 (8GB/128GB)
Galaxy F54 5GRs. 52,499 (8GB/256GB)
Galaxy A53 5GRs. 57,499 (8GB/128GB)
Galaxy A54 5GRs. 56,999 (8GB/128GB)
Rs. 59,999 (8GB/256GB)
Galaxy A73 5GRs. 75,999 (8GB/256GB)
Galaxy S22 UltraRs. 169,999 (12GB/256GB)
Galaxy S23Rs. 127,999 (8GB/256GB)
Galaxy S23+Rs. 151,999 (8GB/256GB)
Galaxy S23 UltraRs. 191,999 (12GB/256GB)
Rs. 209,999 (12GB/512GB)
Galaxy Z Flip 5Rs. 89,999 (256GB)
Galaxy Z Fold 3Rs. 161,999 (512GB)
Galaxy Z Flip 4Rs. 114,999 (8GB/256GB)
Galaxy Z Fold 4Rs. 199,999 (12GB/512GB)
Galaxy Z Flip 5Rs. 139,999
Galaxy Z Fold 5Rs. 226,999
Rs. 239,999


POCO is a China-based smartphone manufacturer company. It was initially a brand of mid-range smartphone under Xiaomi announced in 2018. It released its first smartphone in August 2018 named Pocophone F1. Within 3 years, the company launched 11 devices with most rebranded under Redmi smartphones.

POCO  MobilesPrice in Nepal
POCO C31Rs. 14,999 (3GB/32GB)
Rs. 16,499 (4GB/64GB)
Rs. 20,499 (4GB/64GB)
Rs. 23,999 (6GB/128GB)
POCO X5 Pro 5G
Rs. 37,999 (6GB/128GB)
Rs. 40,999 (8GB/256GB)
POCO M3 Pro 5GRs. 23,999 (4GB/64GB)
POCO F3Rs. 46,999 (6GB/128GB)
Rs. 51,999 (8GB/256GB)
POCO F3 GTRs. 51,999 (8GB/256GB)


Realme is a China-based electronics manufacturing company founded by Li Bingzhong on May 4, 2018. It is headquartered in Shenzen, Guangdong. At first, the company was a sub-brand of Oppo. Later it became successful in conceiving itself as its new brand. Currently, the company has successfully diversified its market in more than 20 countries.

Realme  MobilesPrice in Nepal
Realme C11Rs. 13,499 (2GB/32GB)
Rs. 15,799 (4GB/64GB)
Realme C30Rs. 13,499 (2GB/32GB)
Rs. 14,499 (3GB/32GB)
Rs. 15,999 (4GB/64GB)
Realme C30sRs. 13,499 (3GB/32GB)
Rs. 15,999 (4GB/64GB)
Realme C31Rs. 17,799 (4GB/64GB)
Realme C33Rs. 16,499 (3GB/32GB)
Rs. 18,499 (4GB/64GB)
Realme C35Rs. 21,299 (4GB/64GB)
Rs. 22,799 (4GB/128GB)
Rs. 24,999 (6GB/128GB)
Realme C51Rs. 15,999 (4GB/64GB)
Realme C53Rs. 17,999 (4GB/128GB)
Realme C55Rs. 21,999  (6GB/64GB)
Rs. 25,999  (8GB/128GB)
Narzo 50iRs. 13,499 (2GB/32GB)
Rs. 15,799 (4GB/64GB)
Narzo 50i PrimeRs. 14,499 (3GB/32GB)
Rs. 15,999 (4GB/64GB)
Narzo N53Rs. 15,999 (4GB/64GB)
Rs. 18,999 (6GB/128GB)
Narzo 50ARs. 19,499 (4GB/64GB)
Rs. 21,199  (4GB/128GB)
Narzo 50A PrimeRs. 20,299 (4GB/64GB)
Rs. 21,799 (4GB/128GB)
Narzo N55Rs. 20,499 (4GB/64GB)
Rs. 24,499 (6GB/128GB)
Narzo 50Rs. 23,999 (4GB/64GB)
Rs. 27,499 (6GB/128GB)
Realme 9iRs. 24,499 (4GB/64GB)
Rs. 27,999 (6GB/128GB)
Realme 9i 5GRs. 29,999 (6GB/128GB)
Realme 9 ProRs. 38,999 (8GB/128GB)
Realme 9 Pro+Rs. 42,999 (6GB/128GB)
Rs. 45,999 (8GB/128GB)
Realme 10Rs. 29,999 (8GB/128GB)
Realme 11XRs. 29,999 (8GB/128GB)
Realme 11 Rs. 39,999 (8GB/256GB)
Realme 10 Pro+Rs. 45,999  (8GB/128GB)
Realme 11 ProRs. 47,999 (8GB/256GB)
Realme 11 Pro+Rs. 61,999 (12GB/256GB)
Realme GT 2 Neo 3Rs. 77,999 (12GB/256GB)
Realme GT 2 ProRs. 109,999  (12GB/256GB)


Xiaomi Inc, commonly known as Xiaomi is a China-based smartphone and consumer appliances manufacturer. It was founded by Lei Jun in 2010. In 2011, it launched its first model and successfully became the company with the largest smartphone market share in China in 2014. Its MIUI has more than 500 million monthly active users as per the source.

Xiaomi MobilesPrice in Nepal
Redmi A1Rs. 11,999 (2GB/32GB)
Redmi A1+
Rs. 12,499 (2GB/32GB)
Rs. 13,999 (3GB/32GB)
Redmi A2Rs. 10,499 (2GB/32GB)
Redmi A2+Rs. 11,499 (2GB/32GB)
Rs. 11,999 (3GB/64GB)
Redmi 12CRs. 13,499 (3GB/32GB)
Rs. 13,999 (4GB/64GB)
Rs. 15,999 (6GB/128GB)
Redmi 10 PrimeRs. 20,499 (4GB/64GB)
Rs. 23,999 (6GB/128GB)
Redmi 12Rs. 17,999 (6GB/128GB)
Rs. 20,999 (8GB/256GB)
Redmi Note 12 4GRs. 22,999 (4GB/128GB)
Rs. 23,499 (6GB/128GB)
Rs. 25,499 (8GB/128GB)
Rs. 26,499 (8GB/256GB)
Redmi Note 12 5GRs. 28,499 (6GB/128GB)
Rs. 30,499 (8GB/256GB)
Redmi Note 12 ProRs. 36,999 (6GB/128GB)
Rs. 39,999 (8GB/256GB)
Xiaomi 12 LiteRs. 50,999 (6GB/128GB)
Rs. 53,999 (8GB/128GB)
Xiaomi 13 LiteRs. 54,999 (8GB/128GB)
Rs. 57,999 (8GB/256GB)
Xiaomi 12XRs. 71,999 (8GB/256GB)
Xiaomi 12Rs. 87,999 (8GB/256GB)
Xiaomi 13 ProRs. 129,999 (12GB/256GB)


OPPO is a China-based electronics manufacturing company situated in Dongguan, Guangdong. It was founded by Tony Chen in 2004. Besides smartphones, it manufactures power banks, audio devices, smart devices etc. The name was initially registered in 2001 and finally launched in 2004. The company has successfully diversified its market to more than 50 countries.

OPPO MobilesPrice in Nepal
OPPO A16KRs. 15,990 (3GB/32GB)
Rs. 17,490 (4GB/64GB)
OPPO A16Rs. 22,990 (4GB/64GB)
OPPO A17KRs. 14,999 (3GB/64GB)
OPPO A17Rs. 19,999 (4GB/64GB)
OPPO A57Rs. 23,499 (4GB/64GB)
OPPO A58 4GRs. 24,999 (6GB/128GB)
OPPO A76Rs. 29,990 (6GB/128GB)
OPPO A77Rs. 25,999 (4GB/128GB)
OPPO A77sRs. 30,999 (8GB/128GB)
OPPO A78Rs. 32,999 (8GB/256GB)
OPPO F19Rs. 31,990 (6GB/128GB)
OPPO F19 ProRs. 35,990 (8GB/128GB)
OPPO F21 ProRs. 39,999 (8GB/128GB)


OnePlus is a China-based consumer electronics manufacturing company situated in Shenzen, Guangdong, China. It was founded by Pete Lau and Carl Pei in 2013. It was founded to develop a high-end flagship model of smartphones with Cyanogen OS. In 2020, OnePlus launched its first mid-range smartphone, OnePlus Nord. Its product includes smartphones, power banks, earphones, bags, phone cases etc.

OnePlus MobilesPrice in Nepal
OnePlus N200Rs. 17,499 (4GB/64GB)
OnePlus N20 SERs. 23,499 (4GB/64GB)
Rs. 25,999 (4GB/128GB)
Nord CE 2 LiteRs. 40,999 (8GB/128GB)
Nord CE 2Rs. 48,999 (8GB/128GB)
Nord CE 3 LiteRs. 41,999 (8GB/128GB)
Rs. 45,999 (8GB/256GB)
OnePlus Nord 2Rs. 59,999 (8GB/128GB)
Rs. 69,999 (12GB/256GB)
OnePlus Nord 2TRs. 64,999 (8GB/128GB)
Rs. 74,999 (12GB/256GB)
OnePlus Nord 3Rs. 69,999 (8GB/128GB)
Rs. 75,999 (16GB/256GB)
OnePlus 10TRs. 94,999  (8GB/128GB)
Rs. 114,999 (16GB/256GB)
OnePlus 11Rs. 129,999  (8GB/128GB)
Rs. 134,999 (16GB/256GB)
OnePlus 10 ProRs. 134,999 (12GB/256GB)


Tecno is a China-based mobile phone manufacturing company situated in Shenzen, China, It was founded by George Zhu in 2006. It is also a subsidiary of Transsion Holdings. The company has diversified its market in Africa, the Middle East, Latin America, Southeast Asia and Europe. In 2010, the company came under the top three mobile phone brands in Africa.

Techno MobilesPrice in Nepal
Spark Go 2023Rs. 11,990 (4GB/64GB)
Pop 6Rs. 12,490 (2GB/32GB)
Pop 5 LTERs. 13,990 (3GB/32GB)
Spark 8CRs. 14,990 (3GB/64GB)
Spark 8Rs. 15,990 (4GB/64GB)
Spark 7TRs. 16,490 (4GB/64GB)
Rs. 17,990 (4GB/128GB)
Camon 20Rs. 22,990 (8GB/256GB)
Camon 17pRs. 23,690 (6GB/128GB)
Pova NeoRs. 21,990 (6GB/128GB)
Pova 2Rs. 23,990 (6GB/128GB)
Pova 3Rs. 23,990 (6GB/128GB
Phantom XRs. 64,990 (8GB/256GB)


Vivo is a China-based multinational company that manufactures smartphones, its accessories, software and other telecommunication services. It is located in Dongguan, Guangdong, China. It was founded by Shen Wei in 2009. In 2017, the company successfully expanded its market in a long range of countries on different continents.

Vivo MobilesPrice in Nepal
Vivo Y01Rs. 12,499 (2GB/32GB)
Vivo Y02Rs. 11,999  (2GB/32GB)
Rs. 12,999 (3GB/32GB)
Vivo Y02TRs. 15,999 (4GB/64GB)
Vivo Y15cRs. 14,999 (3GB/32GB)
Vivo Y15sRs. 17,999 (3GB/64GB)
Vivo Y16Rs.  17,999 (4GB/64GB)
Vivo Y17sRs. 16,999 (6GB/128GB)
Vivo Y20sRs.  23,999 (4GB/128GB)
Vivo Y22Rs. 20,999 (4GB/64GB)
Vivo Y22s Rs. 25,499 (6GB/128GB)
Vivo Y27Rs. 23,999 (6GB/128GB)
Vivo Y35Rs. 28,999 (8GB/128GB)
Vivo Y36Rs. 26,999 (8GB/128GB)
Rs. 28,999 (8GB/256GB)
Vivo Y55Rs. 33,999 (8GB/128GB)
Vivo V25eRs. 39,999 (8GB/128GB)
Vivo V25 5GRs. 52,999 (8GB/128GB)
Vivo V27eRs. 41,999 (8GB/256GB)
Vivo V29eRs. 42,999 (8GB/256GB)
Vivo V27 5GRs. 56,999 (8GB/256GB)
Vivo V29 5GRs. 59,999 (12GB/256GB)


ZTE is a China-based company which is partially owned by the state. It was founded by Hou Weigui in 1985. It is located in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. It manufactures smartphones, and tablets, develops software and provides wireless services.

ZTE MobilesPrice in Nepal
Blade L210Rs. 7,990 (1GB/32GB)
Blade A51 Lite Rs. 11,490 (2GB/32GB)
Blade A51Rs. 12,990 (2GB/32GB)
Blade A52Rs. 16,499 (4GB/64GB)
Blade V30 VitaRs. 17,990 (4GB/64GB)

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